About 1-2-3 Door Shield: Door Frame & Scratch Protector

Door Shields and Door Frame Protectors for Construction sites

Door Frame & Scratch Protector

We take door protection very seriously. Development of 1-2-3 Door Shield® was a high priority project for its innovator for quite a long time. From his early days running large, commercial and institutional development projects beginning in the late 1970s, he began to notice the haphazard and ineffective methods that had become status quo for protecting high quality doors during the final stages of the construction process. None of these ‘Rube Goldberg’ methods were effective and most made the problem worse. After documenting hundreds of bad examples of door protection, he decided to bring in the professionals and, relying heavily on his architectural and project management background, orchestrated a design team to find the right solution. That is how 1-2-3 Door Shield® came to be. Since that original prototype, Construction Protection Systems, LLC has tweaked and modified 1-2-3 Door Shield to meet the demanding requirements of the leading general contractors. Whether your door protection requirements are typical or unusual, we will help you find a solution to damaged doors that is effective and affordable.