Door Jamb & Window Sill Protector

In addition to our Door Shield protectors, 1-2-3 Door Shield® also offers door jamb protection. We work with top manufacturers to offer the best-of-class products. Our door jamb protectors can protect against damage from new construction, renovation, and on-going maintenance activities. 1-2-3 Door Shield® can be the solution to the problems that cost your project time and money to correct.

Jamb Protection from 1-2-3 Door Shield®

1-2-3 Door Shield®  has two types of jamb protection to help you guard against gouges, nicks, and scratches during construction.

Preformed Snap-On PVC Door Jamb Protectors

Preformed snap-on PVC door jamb protector sections are rigid and durable, offering heavy duty protection for wood or steel jambs and window sills. They are made of heavy gauge PVC and are completely reusable. They are excellent window sill and door jamb protectors for loading in drywall or other materials.

Fiberboard Jamb Protectors

For a less rigorous but still very effective method of protecting door jambs, we offer fiberboard jamb protectors, which are made from sturdy cardboard that can take a lot of punishment and they are recyclable. Both products are reusable.

Call us if you have surface protection issues and we will help you craft a solution. If we don’t offer a product, we can help you find it. You may order these products directly from us or we can refer you to a distributor in your area.