Renovating the Dallas Thelogical Seminary

As you may already know, we think higher education is great stuff. As such, we feel that it is our civic duty to help these institutions whenever possible. We had the privilege of doing some renovation work at the beautiful Casper College in Wyoming. We have also headed south to lend a hand at a school in Texas with a rich history and a proud tradition of educating service-minded individuals. We are speaking, of course, about the Dallas Theological Seminary.


Founded in 1924, the Dallas Theological seminary is a non-denominational institution that seeks to serve its students by granting them an education grounded in faith. The message of the school is simple. “Teach truth. Love well.” How could we say no to that?


Since it was founded nearly a century ago, the school has produced thousands of students devoted to serving the community at large. According to the school’s website, they currently have 14,000 alumni working in service positions in 100 different countries all over the globe. Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to help these people who are so passionate about helping others.


The school, whose campus is already chock full of beautiful old Spanish style architecture, is continually engaged in construction and renovation projects in order to provide its students with the resources they need to achieve academic excellence. Currently, they have plans to construct a Global Learning Center, which will give students the chance to interact with thinkers and educators from around the world.


We can’t tell you enough how proud we are to have had the opportunity to be involved in this renovation, and we look forward to working with other such noble institutions in the future. Contact Construction Protection Systems through our website,




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