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The Facebook Campus Expansion at Menlo Park

The Facebook Campus Expansion at Menlo Park

Whether we use it for work or pleasure, Facebook has become an integral part of our everyday lives. However, while you’re liking and commenting and posting pictures, there is a team of Facebook employees making sure that everything runs smoothly. Many of them now work at Facebook’s Menlo Park Campus which has been recently expanded… Read more »

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s New Integrated Genomics Building

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s New Integrated Genomics Building

Most frequently referred to as Berkeley Lab, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory performs state-of-the-art, scientific research for the Department of Energy (DOE). With thirteen Nobel Prizes associated with the lab, Berkeley Lab has distinguished themselves as one of the most renowned laboratories in the country, tackling some of the most pressing scientific problems that face… Read more »

“Let The Dirt Fly”: Building Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, TX

Building Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, TX

During normal times, people will flock to sports arenas around the country for a night’s worth of entertainment. Football games, rodeos, concerts, basketball, and hockey are just some of the many events you can witness inside of an arena. For a country that loves its sports and music, an arena is almost a necessity. This… Read more »

Building for the Future: Charlotte Country Day School

Every educational institution needs to have the space and tools on-hand in order to raise the next generation of leaders. Charlotte Country Day School, an independent school in Charlotte, North Carolina, is trying to do just that.  Charlotte Country Day School is close to completing a two-year long project meant to renovate and build future… Read more »

Construction Projects Big and Small Are Helping Medical and Data Centers in Their Hour of Need

With the coronavirus spreading across the country, medical and data centers have become more important now than ever before. Both have become critical in the fight against the coronavirus, with medical centers healing our sick and data centers helping to better understand how we can flatten the curve. Yet, this also means that both types… Read more »

St. David’s Medical Center Is Helping More Patients with Their Recent Expansion

St. David's Medical Center Is Helping More Patients with Their Recent Expansion

In order to properly treat their patients, every medical center must have the equipment, space, and personnel that they need on-site. That’s why the St. David’s North Austin Medical Center underwent a recent expansion to provide their patients with the care they need. The project was a massive undertaking, spread out across four concurrent phases… Read more »

Successful Hotel Renovations – Lessons Learned

Hotel renovations are unique in that hotel properties are generally always occupied while the renovation work is being done. This is a fact of life, since shutting down an operating hotel for renovation is seldom an option due to the need to avoid laying off, re-hiring and training sometimes hundreds of employees, not to mention… Read more »

UGA’s Business Learning Community Now Complete After 6 Years

The University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business is one of the most well-known and renowned business programs in the country. It’s why, six years ago, university leaders decided that it was time for a proper community that could foster intellectual growth. UGA’s Business Learning Community will do just that. Completed in July of 2019,… Read more »

See the Nation’s New National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility

See the Nation's New National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility

Our government works hard to protect us from all sorts of threats. While sometimes threats are easily seen, other times our government has to safeguard us against threats that are not easily seen. Serious animal diseases (also known as zoonotic diseases) can, if not handled properly, devastate our communities. That’s why the U.S. Department of… Read more »