A Look at the Royal Oaks Retirement Center

The days when retirement communities are thought of as the places where old people go to die are long past.  Today, retirees and seniors choose to live in retirement communities especially designed or geared for people who no longer work, or restricted to those over a certain age. One of the key drivers of this movement is the desire to live in a place where active retirees can also rely on extended health services if that care is ever needed – in a central place and campus environment.


One such community, Royal Oaks Retirement Center in Sun City, AZ, is celebrating 30 years of offering many services that contribute to increased longevity for their residents. Royal Oaks offers nutritious and delicious dining opportunities, fitness and wellness programs and a vast array of social programs and activities. In addition, residents don’t have to worry about maintenance, housekeeping or laundry. And for those who need it transportation is provided to health care providers and shopping.


Royal Oaks knows that people who are socially active, incorporate fitness at a comfortable level, take a proactive approach to wellness, and eat nutritious meals live independently longer.


Royal Oaks Retirement Center is one of many retirement communities designed to serve a growing aging population by fostering growth, dignity, choice, honor, independence, and wellness for residents.Construction Protection System is proud to have helped in a small way in the construction and on-going maintenance of this project and others across the country.


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