A Major Condominium Construction Project in Hawaii

The island state of Hawaii is sure to trigger plenty of associations with once-in-a-lifetime vacations and tropical getaways. This area of our world can be beautiful and pristine, and we can tell you, because Construction Protection Systems just worked as part of a major condominium construction project in this isolated paradise.


Construction Protection Systems worked as a partner with the Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, a very experienced firm that is responsible for many of this state’s major buildings and infrastructure projects. Not only has this company built nearly 20,000 hotel rooms and 8,000 residential units over the past few decades, it’s also responsible for the construction of more than half of Hawaii’s highway system and harbors.


This impressive resume is a big reason why we were so excited to jump on this latest condo construction project. Hawaiian Dredging has built thousands of quality condo residences since the 1980s all over the state. Demand for this style of living, which makes as much effective use of available space as possible, has been perking up in urban areas all over the country.


This kind of residential building project shows how much value there is in a business partner like Construction Protection Systems. Not only is our 1-2-3 Door Shield construction shield easy to setup and use, the ability to reuse these coverings makes our product incredibly cost-effective. Construction managers all over the world are trying to stick to their budgets while providing superior results, and we have just what they’ve been looking for.


No matter the goal of your real estate development project, Construction Protection Systems will help you get the job finished quickly. Our door shield technology keeps surfaces safe while other material is cut, sanded or painted. Your clients will love the finished touch of quality that comes with the services of Construction Protection Systems. We contribute to construction and renovation projects all over the country.





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