Anchor Center for Blind Children – Julie Andrews Mork Building

Constructed in 2007, Anchor Center for Blind Children’s Julie McAndrews Mork Building in Denver, Colorado is a unique facility designed specifically for teaching very young children with vision impairments.


It includes lights, textures, sounds, a Sensory Garden with water feature and sculptures, Cane Walk Lane for cane training and Braille Trail for walking or riding a tricycle.


The spacious Grand Hallway gives children a sense of security so that they can walk down the hall without fear of getting bumped. The building’s way-finding features help children find classrooms and give them confidence in their ability to navigate the world.


Anchor Center’s facility is truly a place of magic, wonder, fun and joy. It sets the stage for children’s successful transition into public school and a life well-lived.


Through early intervention vision services, Anchor Center for Blind Children works with children to maximize the use of any vision they may have as well as optimizing their use of all senses. Additionally, early intervention vision services enhance the families’ ability to support their children’s well-being, capacity for learning and full participation in their communities.  Anchor Center’s specialized staff assists children with visual impairments in developing the emotional security, social competence and intellectual skills needed to build on their natural talents and ability to succeed in school.


Anchor Center for Blind Children is a nationally recognized, private, non-profit agency whose goals are:

  1. to provide educational and therapeutic vision services of the highest quality to children from birth to age five (whose vision is their primary obstacle to learning) without discrimination to race, national or ethnic origin, sex or religious preference;
  2. to provide information and support to families for the purpose of: a) increasing parents appreciation and respect for their child’s unique potential b) empowering families to advocate for their child;
  3. to provide a setting that encourages children’s independent functioning and ability to interact with their families, peers, and others in the world around them;
  4. to collaborate with schools, community agencies and others in order to enable children who are blind to successfully transition into other educational settings and develop optimally.


Construction Protection Systems is proud to have participated in the construction of this award-winning project and looks forward to pitching in on similar non-profit ventures in the future.


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