Church Sanctuary Renovation

Christ United Methodist Church (“CUMC”) is a church committed to mission work. Even in the beginning when membership and financial resources were small, they found ways to serve the community. In 1976, CUMC’s Missions Committee backed its first foreign mission endeavor by donating a small amount of money to support Korean missionary work. Since then they have sent mission teams to numerous places, including Bolivia, Africa, Guatemala and Poland. The youth’s first APPA mission trip was to the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky in 1981.


Locally, CUMC has been committed to serving Collin County, Texas and the surrounding area through programs such as Project Hope, House On The Corner, Family Promise, various food and clothing drives as well as projects that address homelessness. As one might expect, a church that places its focus on others tends to grow and eventually outgrows its facilities.


When the building committee of CUMC began visioning their new sanctuary, it was decided that the place where they worship must be a reflection of their own stewardship of God’s creation. Building sustainably is one way of caring for God’s creation and preserving it for future generations. CUMC’s sanctuary has been awarded LEED Silver certification, making it the first sanctuary in Texas to be certified sustainable for energy use, lighting, water, and water material use as well as a variety of other strangers.


When the doors were delivered to the site and installed, they were installed with Door Shields in place so that the custom doors would be protected while construction continued. Door protection was just one of the strategies employed to ensure that the materials used in the project were not damaged before the project was completed.


Construction Protection Systems was pleased to play a small part in the construction of this place of worship.


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