Construction Protection Systems Gets Straight A’s

With all this talk about healthcare, we should not forget about the importance of higher education in this country. Education is the glue that holds any nation together. The better the education system is the better the country is, from top to bottom. As a society, we must do our best to consistently improve our colleges, whether it is a community college or a hallowed Ivy League institution. Part of that commitment to improving our colleges is ensuring that the brick-and-mortar part meets the changing requirements for today’s students.  Casper College, for instance, is expanding their campus with a new Student Union building that will also house the University of Wyoming/ Casper College Center.


Established in 1945, Casper College is located in, you guessed it, Casper, Wyoming, and is located not far from  some of America’s most beautiful sights, such as Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton National Park and National Elk Refuge near Jackson, Wyoming. The school is bombarded with diverse beauty. It’s only right that its academics be just as diverse and beautiful and, with more than 50 academic majors offered, it certainly is. Casper College is one of the Top 5 Most Beautiful Colleges in America, consisting of 28 buildings on 200 acres. It can be said that an education at Casper is an education in nature, in the beauty that’s all around us. Below is a video detailing Orientation Day at Casper College:

In addition to Casper’s lush beauty, the college offers plenty of higher education opportunities through their partnerships with the University of Wyoming, Franklin University, University of Saint Mary, Rush University, Western Governors University and the University of North Dakota. These partnerships allow Casper College students to pursue bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees after completing the two-year programs at Casper College. Construction Protection Systems is proud to have assisted in Casper College’s growth! Here’s the link to their website.


Casper College is just one of many colleges where Construction Protection Systems helped make the grade. We have also provided protection products for new construction or renovation projects at Arizona State University, Austin Community College, Brigham Young University, Dallas Theological Seminary, Fullerton College, Grossmont College, Kent State University, Lehigh University, Navarro College, Northern Virginia Community College, Portland State University, Southern Methodist University,  Thomas Jefferson School of Law, UC Berkeley Law School, University of Colorado, University of Texas-Dallas and the University of Utah. If we can help with your project, call us.


*Video courtesy of KTWONews



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