FedEx – Connecting the World One Delivery at a Time

We’re in the claws of November. In certain areas of the country, the snow is starting to fall. Thanksgiving is fast approaching and, before long, we’ll be in that holiday whirlwind – Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and a seemingly endless array of bowl games.  While it should be a time of relaxation and happiness, we shouldn’t kid ourselves – it’s a time of stress and running around.  Many of you will be frequenting FedEx locations, either to pick up packages or to deliver them.

When you hear the word ‘FedEx’, what do you think about?  A boxy, white truck hurrying down streets, delivering packages from house to house?  Or maybe you’re anxious when you think of FedEx, as you associate the delivery services company with a last minute jaunt to deliver a package?  FedEx is a bigger entity than that, not just a door-to-door delivery company.  Their subsidiaries include a small-package ground service, an expedited shipping provider, a regional truckload freight carrier, airfreight forwarding between the U.S. and the Caribbean, International freight and packaging service, a provider of logistics and technology solutions and much, much more.  FedEx brings the world community closer every day.


Not only does it function as a global connector, FedEx is a major driver of the economy.  In fact, it is one of the largest employers in the southeastern U.S.  FedEx has invested heavily in its flight-training simulator operations in Memphis.  This state-of-the art facility provides in-house training on the newest aircraft and includes seven flight simulator bays with full motion and visual capabilities.  This facility demonstrates FedEx’s commitment to maintain a high standard of on-time delivery utilizing the most advanced of flight training technologies.


Construction Protection Systems is proud to have contributed to the expansion of the new FedEX Air Operations Training Center, which is supporting their connections and millions of customers worldwide.  Contact us if you need our expert help in protecting your valuable finishes when your next construction project takes flight.


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