Helping construct Colorado’s history

historians in ColoradoLike all states in this great country, Colorado is teeming with history. Possessing a diverse environment with stunning natural landmarks, including the Colorado River, Summit Lake and Hanging Lake, the Centennial State has been happily inhabited by a variety of different people for 13,000 years, including the Ancient Pueblo Peoples, the Apache and the Comanche.


Colorado’s beauty is irresistible and has been a heavenly home for many cultures. As a gateway to California, Colorado played a crucial role in America’s Westward Expansion, catapulting wide-eyed dreamers and grizzled settlers into the welcoming arms of the Pacific. Where would America be without Colorado?


Due to its historical significance, the area is a popular destination for historians, anthropologists and archaeologists. Archaeology and historic preservation events are a popular tradition in Colorado. According to (Colorado Historical Society), “communities across Colorado host events throughout the year to celebrate historic places, educate Coloradans on the importance of archaeology and preservation, and connect with the places that have shaped our state.”


The Colorado Historical Society encourages communities to celebrate, educate and connect with the past. Through exhibits and classes at the History Colorado Center, people of all ages have delighted in learning everything about this amazing state. Formerly known as the Colorado History Museum, the Center’s mission is to promote the state.


Construction Protection Systems is proud to have assisted in the construction of the History Colorado Center. Coloradans use the past to shape the future. They adhere to French Philosopher Blaise Pascal belief that “The present is never our goal: the past and present are our means: the future alone is our goal.”




*Image courtesy of Peter Bodig


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