Miami Headquarters for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations

Environmental and sustainability concerns are much bigger issues in construction projects today than they have ever been before. One of the reasons our 1-2-3 Door Shield has earned us so many business partnerships is because its reusable nature minimizes waste during construction or renovation.


The reusable door protection systems available through Construction Protection Systems make us a perfect choice for the new wave of green architecture technologies looking to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment. Government buildings provide plenty of work in this respect as strict standards in environmentally sustainable construction projects have been implemented at various levels, especially the federal government.


This article published by exMiami discusses the soon-to-be-built Miami headquarters for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations. Thanks to standards laid out by the federal government’s 2030 Zero Environmental Footprint goal, which requires federal buildings to achieve zero net energy use by the year 2030.


Inhabitants of the building should still have plenty of electrical energy available for their needs, however. Renewable energy sources, such as solar photovoltaic arrays installed on the roof of the building, are planned for the construction project. Various well water and rainwater capture mechanisms on the property will also reduce the usage of potable water within the property by 95 percent when compared to similarly sized buildings.


The architecture project has also been designed to engage effectively with the wetlands surrounding the building. The restored wetlands will be supported by the construction and should thrive well into the service life of this building. The native ecosystem protected on this site should provide a connection to the regional ecology for building occupants.


Construction Protection Systems glad to see environmentally responsible construction taking place at the highest levels of our country’s government. If you’re interested in cutting down on the impacts of your home or office construction project, talk to our staff about our 1-2-3 Door Shield door protection products.


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