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It keeps popping up in the news and with good reason; Obamacare seems to be waning in popularity, as per a recent article courtesy of National Review Online. Reince Priebus writes, “Obamacare has a growing number of congressional Democrats, its architects, running scared. The law is now having a real-world impact on people’s lives.” Clearly, Obamacare is affecting every American, not just monetarily, but health wise as well.


Wherever you may stand in terms of Obamacare, one thing is certain: in these rather…unpredictable economic times, healthcare – especially non-profit scientific research – is crucial to our survival. If we can’t afford proper healthcare (many of us can’t), then we must utilize innovative ways to stay healthy. Thankfully, there are places like the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.


As a non-profit scientific research organization, their mission statement is as follows: “Creating innovative solutions for healthcare through biomedical discovery, fostering researchers of tomorrow and promoting wellness.” Innovative can mean a number of things, but in this case, it refers to “practical, inexpensive solutions to real-world health problems.”


In a country (and world) where proper healthcare is a luxury and not a guarantee, practical and inexpensive health solutions will save lives. Since the 1960s, the center has been changing us for the better, battling disease and educating doctors worldwide. Many of the preventative measures we have for diseases can be traced back to research done by the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute.


Currently, the center is developing exercise-based rehab strategies for COPD, a low-cost noninvasive treatment that may reduce chronic pain associated with sickle cell anemia, new paradigms for vaccines and the use of antimicrobial peptides to kill pathogens. This research will undoubtedly change our lives as we spiral forward into an uncertain future.


Construction Protection Systems is proud to have assisted in the construction of one of the research facilities. The Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute is something to be cherished and protected. Because of their research, life is a little easier and health exponentially better!




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