Renovating a 114-year-old hospital

It is one of the world’s best medical research and treatment centers, if not the best. It was built right at the end of the 19th century, on the cusp of the 20th century – in 1899. Located in Denver, the center specializes in three areas: respiratory, immune and allergic research and treatment. Initially founded to battle tuberculosis, the center has grown to treat many different diseases. From its treatment of tuberculosis to its educational efforts, the center has been one of the finest U.S. hospitals for over a century and is a research powerhouse.


What are we talking about?


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We’re talking about Denver’s National Jewish Health, and how Construction Protection Systems helped to renovate a 114-year-old hospital.

Thousands of patients come to them from around the world to seek treatment or to partake in their many active clinical trials. Some of their current trials include “Do you or someone you know have a peanut allergy?” and “Do you have inadequately controlled asthma?” Clinical trials are important for future advancements in treating disease, as they are controlled tests of a new drug, medical device or treatment plan. Throughout the year, many clinical trials take place at National Jewish Health in order to better medical services for all.


The center has its well-intentioned hand in everything: clinical services, research and science, education and training. National Jewish Health has changed lives for the better, transforming how doctors and hospitals conduct business worldwide. Construction Protection Systems is proud to have helped with renovations at the center. We like to think that we have played a small role in the facilitation of new and improved medical treatments.


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