Santa Monica High School’s Science and Technology Building

One of our favorite aspects of running an environmentally friendly business within the construction industry is our ability to provide cost-saving benefits on projects all over the country. Recycled building materials and sustainable building practices are on the rise today as many understand the growing need to construct homes and schools while also conserving resources.


Over in Santa Monica CA, one of these construction projects is making headlines for being of the largest projects in the region to utilize so many reclaimed building materials. In December 2013, the last piece of the steel frame was put into place for the Santa Monica High School’s new Science and Technology Building.


About one-quarter of all the steel used for this project, or about 200 tons worth of steel, had been reclaimed from recycling sources. Construction project officials remarked in this article by the Santa Monica Mirror that this recycled steel prevented them from having to use about 300 tons of iron ore and 13 million gallons of water.


Construction Protection Systems was proud to offer our environmentally-friendly, reusable door shield solutions for the completion of this high school construction project. This was no small undertaking either; the 840 tons of steel used to create this educational facility represents about one-tenth of the steel making up the world-famous Eiffel Tower in France, to give a frame of reference. According to the article linked above, about 16 linear miles of steel went into the framework of this building.


Attempting to complete a building renovation project or full construction without procuring some kind of door and window protection technology will likely end up being a more expensive proposition than you anticipated. Here at Construction Protection Systems, our door shield products are both effective and reusable, giving you the best protection and the cheapest solution at the same time. Our website will give you plenty of info on what to expect when you use our products.




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