Say thank you to America’s veterans

Congressional Budget OfficeThe veteran population in America is increasing. They fought for this country and defended our freedom. They, rightfully, deserve the government’s support. Unfortunately, like so many other things in this country, such support is often hampered by bipartisan squabbles. The welfare of veterans should never be a victim of party lines, but of late, that seems to be the case.


In the article, “Congress must save Veterans Affairs clinics,” Sen. Mary Landrieu and Rep. Charles Boustany write, “The American people expect Congress to demonstrate that it can govern effectively in a bipartisan manner. A new medical access problem for military veterans offers an excellent opportunity for House and Senate leadership to prove its ability in this area.”


Recently, the Congressional Budget Office has ended an important program of Congress authorizing leases for community-based outpatient clinics through the Department of Veterans Affairs. These clinics operate throughout the country and serve the veteran community. This budget cut endangers many VA-approved clinics and may force some to close their doors, leaving countless veterans in the unreliable dark. Isn’t the government responsible for the welfare of its veterans?


Sen. Landrieu and Rep. Boustany hope that Congress acts now and takes initiative on behalf of veterans and provide healthcare access. These community-based outpatient clinics are of vital importance. The recent budget cut is certainly wrong. We should look to the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington D.C. as the right way to treat our veterans.


Just minutes from the White House, the Armed Forces Retirement Home is “considered a city within a city,” having healthcare necessities (doctors; physical, occupational and recreational therapists) and providing outstanding social, recreational and occupational activities for every interest. They even have a nine hole golf course and a six lane bowling alley!


Construction Protection Systems is proud to have assisted in the construction and maintenance of Washington D.C.’s Armed Forces Retirement Home. We want to say thank you to all the veterans who heroically served this great country, including my partner and co-owner, a Vietnam veteran.






*Image courtesy of Nikolai Grigoriev


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