Teaching at the Memphis Regional Medical Center

If there is any place more necessary to a community and city than anything else it would be hospitals. In particular teaching hospitals, which play an important role in providing up and coming doctors and nurses with the hands-on experience to thrive well as future care-takers for the community. Most people don’t always think about it when it comes to a city, but without hospitals we would lose an even greater number of people every year, and most cities wouldn’t be able to sustain themselves without constantly having even more new people move in.


Recently the Regional Medical Center had a makeover to improve all it could offer beyond just the hospitals. That’s where the teaching part came in, and a number of other facilities they didn’t have previously. But one of the biggest problems with renovating a current hospital is there are many areas that can be banged up or destroyed if not protected carefully. And that isn’t even bringing up the amount of expensive technology that has to be moved through a hospital.


And surprisingly that means door shields have actually saved lives, and hospitals thousands of dollars by preventing some careful and expensive equipment from being busted as it went through doorways. As well as saving the doors from dents and dings that would have to be fixed before the hospital could open up the wing that was being worked on.


It seems like such a small thing, but door shields really do have a large impact on the construction force in the end. Just like how people don’t always realize how important a hospital is to a community, they also don’t realize just how important protecting the door on construction sites can be. That means together, the Regional Medical Center and Door Shields are saving lives and doors all for the betterment of people all over Memphis.


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