The Construction of the Dell Technology Center

Construction Protection Systems is proud to work with Dell in building a new technology center in Quincy, Washington. The aim of the center is to provide customers with access to cloud technologies and IT outsourcing services.


The multi-client data center boasts redundant network connectivity, uninterruptable power supply (UPS), cooling, utility and back-up emergency power generation. The building has the largest installation of energy-efficient heat wheel technology in the United States, which keeps costs for the company and customers low while also keeping power usage at a bare minimum.


Dell takes pride in its claim as one of the greenest IT centers in the world. Customers are glowing over Dell’s prioritization of power usage effectiveness and the environmentally conscious stance that the company maintains.


The IT outsourcing services Dell will provide with this new center are nearly unparalleled both in the breadth of coverage and in quality. They provide a safety net in terms of disaster recovery and business continuity during technological failures of small businesses. They boast data center management that provides an infrastructure foundation to foster organizational growth.


Dell’s IT outsourcing services also feature enhanced information security, assuring client confidentiality, integrity, and availability. More obvious, but quality services include data storage and management and platform management by professionals.


Kevin Jones, vice president of Dell Services, claims that, “[…]we [Dell] can take a tremendous burden off their [clients] IT staff, enabling them to innovate and deliver high-value services that deliver real-business results.”


Construction Protection Systems’ top priority is making businesses transitions easier to optimize the services they bring to market. Contact us today to get moving.






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