The Musical Instrument Museum Hits All the Right Notes

Chances are you love music. We all do. Whether listening to Beethoven or the Beatles or Miles Davis, we all have that musician that lifts us up to Heaven and back down again. Where would we be without the songs that shape our lives? In a spiritual gutter, that’s where…or, as Friedrich Nietzsche put it, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” How true!


When people talk about the importance of music in their lives, they often mention Nietzsche’s quote. Why wouldn’t they? It’s simple, yet complex; it gets right to the point, yet leaves enough room for discussion. Without those uplifting songs, how would we be able to make it through the sad times? Without music, how would we dance? How would we fall in love? It’s a big mystery, which is why life would be a mistake.


Thankfully, there is music, so life isn’t a mistake. At Construction Protection Systems, we love all forms of music, so it brought us great to joy to play a small part in the construction of the Musical Instrument Museum. Founded by Robert J. Ulrich and opening its doors in 2010, the 200,000 square-foot museum “offers a shared experience of the history of musical instruments throughout the world.” Boasting a collection of instruments from around two hundred countries as well as loops of streamed music, the MIM is an educational whirlwind determined to back up Nietzsche’s claim.

Guests can peruse the Artist Gallery, the Experience Gallery, the Mechanical Music Gallery, the Target Gallery or the Conservation Lab, all on the ground floor. On the upper level, guests check out the Geographical Galleries (each continent gets a gallery) and displays of iconic American manufacturers, such as Fender Stratocasters. Each gallery reinforces the idea that with music, life is no mistake.


The next exhibition at the museum will be “Women Who Rock,” an exciting exhibition that explores the vision, passion and power of women musicians from all over the world. It opens up on October 19. There will be many concerts leading up to the opening. If you’re in the Phoenix area or an avid music lover, we suggest checking out the museum! You can find their website here.


If we can play a small but important part in your project, let us know. That would be music to our ears. Contact us here.


*Image courtesy of MIMphx


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