A Major Condominium Construction Project in Hawaii

The island state of Hawaii is sure to trigger plenty of associations with once-in-a-lifetime vacations and tropical getaways. This area of our world can be beautiful and pristine, and we can tell you, because Construction Protection Systems just worked as part of a major condominium construction project in this isolated paradise.


Construction Protection Systems worked as a partner with the Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, a very experienced firm that is responsible for many of this state’s major buildings and infrastructure projects. Not only has this company built nearly 20,000 hotel rooms and 8,000 residential units over the past few decades, it’s also responsible for the construction of more than half of Hawaii’s highway system and harbors.


This impressive resume is a big reason why we were so excited to jump on this latest condo construction project. Hawaiian Dredging has built thousands of quality condo residences since the 1980s all over the state. Demand for this style of living, which makes as much effective use of available space as possible, has been perking up in urban areas all over the country.


This kind of residential building project shows how much value there is in a business partner like Construction Protection Systems. Not only is our 1-2-3 Door Shield construction shield easy to setup and use, the ability to reuse these coverings makes our product incredibly cost-effective. Construction managers all over the world are trying to stick to their budgets while providing superior results, and we have just what they’ve been looking for.


No matter the goal of your real estate development project, Construction Protection Systems will help you get the job finished quickly. Our door shield technology keeps surfaces safe while other material is cut, sanded or painted. Your clients will love the finished touch of quality that comes with the services of Construction Protection Systems. We contribute to construction and renovation projects all over the country.





The Construction of the Dell Technology Center

Construction Protection Systems is proud to work with Dell in building a new technology center in Quincy, Washington. The aim of the center is to provide customers with access to cloud technologies and IT outsourcing services.


The multi-client data center boasts redundant network connectivity, uninterruptable power supply (UPS), cooling, utility and back-up emergency power generation. The building has the largest installation of energy-efficient heat wheel technology in the United States, which keeps costs for the company and customers low while also keeping power usage at a bare minimum.


Dell takes pride in its claim as one of the greenest IT centers in the world. Customers are glowing over Dell’s prioritization of power usage effectiveness and the environmentally conscious stance that the company maintains.


The IT outsourcing services Dell will provide with this new center are nearly unparalleled both in the breadth of coverage and in quality. They provide a safety net in terms of disaster recovery and business continuity during technological failures of small businesses. They boast data center management that provides an infrastructure foundation to foster organizational growth.


Dell’s IT outsourcing services also feature enhanced information security, assuring client confidentiality, integrity, and availability. More obvious, but quality services include data storage and management and platform management by professionals.


Kevin Jones, vice president of Dell Services, claims that, “[…]we [Dell] can take a tremendous burden off their [clients] IT staff, enabling them to innovate and deliver high-value services that deliver real-business results.”


Construction Protection Systems’ top priority is making businesses transitions easier to optimize the services they bring to market. Contact us today to get moving.


Source: http://www.dell.com/learn/us/en/uscorp1/secure/2012-02-13-dell-western-technology-center




Santa Monica High School’s Science and Technology Building

One of our favorite aspects of running an environmentally friendly business within the construction industry is our ability to provide cost-saving benefits on projects all over the country. Recycled building materials and sustainable building practices are on the rise today as many understand the growing need to construct homes and schools while also conserving resources.


Over in Santa Monica CA, one of these construction projects is making headlines for being of the largest projects in the region to utilize so many reclaimed building materials. In December 2013, the last piece of the steel frame was put into place for the Santa Monica High School’s new Science and Technology Building.


About one-quarter of all the steel used for this project, or about 200 tons worth of steel, had been reclaimed from recycling sources. Construction project officials remarked in this article by the Santa Monica Mirror that this recycled steel prevented them from having to use about 300 tons of iron ore and 13 million gallons of water.


Construction Protection Systems was proud to offer our environmentally-friendly, reusable door shield solutions for the completion of this high school construction project. This was no small undertaking either; the 840 tons of steel used to create this educational facility represents about one-tenth of the steel making up the world-famous Eiffel Tower in France, to give a frame of reference. According to the article linked above, about 16 linear miles of steel went into the framework of this building.


Attempting to complete a building renovation project or full construction without procuring some kind of door and window protection technology will likely end up being a more expensive proposition than you anticipated. Here at Construction Protection Systems, our door shield products are both effective and reusable, giving you the best protection and the cheapest solution at the same time. Our website will give you plenty of info on what to expect when you use our products.




Try Your Luck at the Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino

Conservation can take many forms in our ever more sustainable world. As a society, we’re much more concerned with recycling and the efficient use of resources than ever before. Here at Construction Protection Systems, we’re proud to do our part by offering a completely reusable system for door protection during construction projects, which dramatically cuts down on the waste created by such building.


Sustainable technologies such as ours haven’t made much headway into the world of construction, but we’re proud to report that we’ve worked successfully as partners in some high-profile building projects around the country.


Recently, we partnered with architects and construction teams on the recent completion of the Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino, a new major tourist attraction in the Arizona city of Chandler. Situated just outside of Phoenix, this luxurious state-of-the-art facility offers 90 rooms, a bevy of outstanding amenities and a beautiful, spacious interior design.


As this hotel description from the official Vee Quiva website shows, this hotel offers a variety of rooms and suites to accommodate large groups or visiting couples. The pictures show modern wall designs and interior lighting that make the rooms very photogenic.


Without door shields to protect the beautiful wooden doors of this hotel, guests would not enjoy the same striking accommodations seen in the Vee Quiva Hotel’s pictures. The reusable 1-2-3 Door Shields produced by Construction Protection Systems provide a great service to the construction of high quality buildings. Our cost-effective solutions are making us a favorite choice for building projects being erected all over the country. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to serve in a community near you soon.


Construction Protection Systems is a major innovator in the construction business. Our re-usable door shields meet the exacting standards of most contractors and regulations. Contact us today if you have an upcoming construction project deadline and require help to protect your at-risk doors and entranceways.





Renovating the Dallas Thelogical Seminary

As you may already know, we think higher education is great stuff. As such, we feel that it is our civic duty to help these institutions whenever possible. We had the privilege of doing some renovation work at the beautiful Casper College in Wyoming. We have also headed south to lend a hand at a school in Texas with a rich history and a proud tradition of educating service-minded individuals. We are speaking, of course, about the Dallas Theological Seminary.


Founded in 1924, the Dallas Theological seminary is a non-denominational institution that seeks to serve its students by granting them an education grounded in faith. The message of the school is simple. “Teach truth. Love well.” How could we say no to that?


Since it was founded nearly a century ago, the school has produced thousands of students devoted to serving the community at large. According to the school’s website, they currently have 14,000 alumni working in service positions in 100 different countries all over the globe. Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to help these people who are so passionate about helping others.


The school, whose campus is already chock full of beautiful old Spanish style architecture, is continually engaged in construction and renovation projects in order to provide its students with the resources they need to achieve academic excellence. Currently, they have plans to construct a Global Learning Center, which will give students the chance to interact with thinkers and educators from around the world.


We can’t tell you enough how proud we are to have had the opportunity to be involved in this renovation, and we look forward to working with other such noble institutions in the future. Contact Construction Protection Systems through our website, www.1213doorshield.com.




Construction Protection Systems Supports the Troops

U.S. ArmyWhile January is often referred to as Resolution Month, it is also known for its slew of award-winning movies playing at theaters. You see, the Oscars are right around the corner. One such movie is turning some heads is “Lone Survivor.”


The film, starring Mark Wahlberg, tells the story of four SEAL teammates sent on a mission to capture and/or kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shah, and is expected to do very well at the box office. It is sure to be a stirring story of bravery and courage, and we are excited to see it. You may be asking yourself, why are they talking about this movie?


Well, at Construction Protection Systems, we are very proud of our armed forces and do our best to support the troops. Both of our Owners come from a long tradition of military service and one is a Vietnam veteran.  We have worked with the U.S. government and military on many construction projects.


Among them is the Command & Control HQ Facility in Fort Bliss, TX.  This eco-friendly facility is truly state of the art, as it was designed and built to LEED Gold Standard, and includes such things as enhanced solar controls, an ecolite wall paneling system and integrated recycling facility. It is one of the centerpieces of Fort Bliss, which is home to the 1st Armored Division.


In addition to headquartering the 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss also contributes close to $2 billion to the economy of Central El Paso and Northeast El Paso. This being the case, the Command & Control HQ Facility helps the entire region run a bit more smoothly, all while being an essential cog in U.S. military operations.


If you have any questions about the Command & Control HQ Facility or any of our other projects, contact Construction Protection Systems through our website www.1213doorshield.com.



Helping to Construct and Maintain America’s Sacred Identity

The Center for Global Legal StudiesWhat is America? Everyone seems to be asking that question nowadays. Thankfully, there are institutions that embody that indomitable spirit of America, institutions like the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego.


Their website states, “Thomas Jefferson would be proud of the law school that bears his name. The ideals of this towering figure in American history help to inspire our mission and purpose.” Such a statement is a breath of fresh air! Founded in 1969 as a part-time program with only evening classes, the Thomas Jefferson School of Law has rapidly evolved to become one of the best and most revered law schools in the country.


With its “ultra-modern, high-tech campus” and four schools – The Center for Global Legal Studies, The Center for Law and Intellectual Property, The Center for Law and Social Justice and The Center for Sports Law and Policy – Thomas Jefferson inspires excellence in all of its students as well as the city it calls home, San Diego.


The school is a force in helping veterans, especially homeless veterans in the region. This service alone is proof that Thomas Jefferson School of Law encourages all of us to uphold the values that have made America great – loyalty and equality, two things that should embody the holiday season, don’t you think?


At Construction Protection Systems, we are proud to have helped with the renovation of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you with your projects.



FedEx – Connecting the World One Delivery at a Time

We’re in the claws of November. In certain areas of the country, the snow is starting to fall. Thanksgiving is fast approaching and, before long, we’ll be in that holiday whirlwind – Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and a seemingly endless array of bowl games.  While it should be a time of relaxation and happiness, we shouldn’t kid ourselves – it’s a time of stress and running around.  Many of you will be frequenting FedEx locations, either to pick up packages or to deliver them.

When you hear the word ‘FedEx’, what do you think about?  A boxy, white truck hurrying down streets, delivering packages from house to house?  Or maybe you’re anxious when you think of FedEx, as you associate the delivery services company with a last minute jaunt to deliver a package?  FedEx is a bigger entity than that, not just a door-to-door delivery company.  Their subsidiaries include a small-package ground service, an expedited shipping provider, a regional truckload freight carrier, airfreight forwarding between the U.S. and the Caribbean, International freight and packaging service, a provider of logistics and technology solutions and much, much more.  FedEx brings the world community closer every day.


Not only does it function as a global connector, FedEx is a major driver of the economy.  In fact, it is one of the largest employers in the southeastern U.S.  FedEx has invested heavily in its flight-training simulator operations in Memphis.  This state-of-the art facility provides in-house training on the newest aircraft and includes seven flight simulator bays with full motion and visual capabilities.  This facility demonstrates FedEx’s commitment to maintain a high standard of on-time delivery utilizing the most advanced of flight training technologies.


Construction Protection Systems is proud to have contributed to the expansion of the new FedEX Air Operations Training Center, which is supporting their connections and millions of customers worldwide.  Contact us if you need our expert help in protecting your valuable finishes when your next construction project takes flight.


Construction Protection Systems Gets Straight A’s

With all this talk about healthcare, we should not forget about the importance of higher education in this country. Education is the glue that holds any nation together. The better the education system is the better the country is, from top to bottom. As a society, we must do our best to consistently improve our colleges, whether it is a community college or a hallowed Ivy League institution. Part of that commitment to improving our colleges is ensuring that the brick-and-mortar part meets the changing requirements for today’s students.  Casper College, for instance, is expanding their campus with a new Student Union building that will also house the University of Wyoming/ Casper College Center.


Established in 1945, Casper College is located in, you guessed it, Casper, Wyoming, and is located not far from  some of America’s most beautiful sights, such as Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton National Park and National Elk Refuge near Jackson, Wyoming. The school is bombarded with diverse beauty. It’s only right that its academics be just as diverse and beautiful and, with more than 50 academic majors offered, it certainly is. Casper College is one of the Top 5 Most Beautiful Colleges in America, consisting of 28 buildings on 200 acres. It can be said that an education at Casper is an education in nature, in the beauty that’s all around us. Below is a video detailing Orientation Day at Casper College:

In addition to Casper’s lush beauty, the college offers plenty of higher education opportunities through their partnerships with the University of Wyoming, Franklin University, University of Saint Mary, Rush University, Western Governors University and the University of North Dakota. These partnerships allow Casper College students to pursue bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees after completing the two-year programs at Casper College. Construction Protection Systems is proud to have assisted in Casper College’s growth! Here’s the link to their website.


Casper College is just one of many colleges where Construction Protection Systems helped make the grade. We have also provided protection products for new construction or renovation projects at Arizona State University, Austin Community College, Brigham Young University, Dallas Theological Seminary, Fullerton College, Grossmont College, Kent State University, Lehigh University, Navarro College, Northern Virginia Community College, Portland State University, Southern Methodist University,  Thomas Jefferson School of Law, UC Berkeley Law School, University of Colorado, University of Texas-Dallas and the University of Utah. If we can help with your project, call us.


*Video courtesy of KTWONews



The Musical Instrument Museum Hits All the Right Notes

Chances are you love music. We all do. Whether listening to Beethoven or the Beatles or Miles Davis, we all have that musician that lifts us up to Heaven and back down again. Where would we be without the songs that shape our lives? In a spiritual gutter, that’s where…or, as Friedrich Nietzsche put it, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” How true!


When people talk about the importance of music in their lives, they often mention Nietzsche’s quote. Why wouldn’t they? It’s simple, yet complex; it gets right to the point, yet leaves enough room for discussion. Without those uplifting songs, how would we be able to make it through the sad times? Without music, how would we dance? How would we fall in love? It’s a big mystery, which is why life would be a mistake.


Thankfully, there is music, so life isn’t a mistake. At Construction Protection Systems, we love all forms of music, so it brought us great to joy to play a small part in the construction of the Musical Instrument Museum. Founded by Robert J. Ulrich and opening its doors in 2010, the 200,000 square-foot museum “offers a shared experience of the history of musical instruments throughout the world.” Boasting a collection of instruments from around two hundred countries as well as loops of streamed music, the MIM is an educational whirlwind determined to back up Nietzsche’s claim.

Guests can peruse the Artist Gallery, the Experience Gallery, the Mechanical Music Gallery, the Target Gallery or the Conservation Lab, all on the ground floor. On the upper level, guests check out the Geographical Galleries (each continent gets a gallery) and displays of iconic American manufacturers, such as Fender Stratocasters. Each gallery reinforces the idea that with music, life is no mistake.


The next exhibition at the museum will be “Women Who Rock,” an exciting exhibition that explores the vision, passion and power of women musicians from all over the world. It opens up on October 19. There will be many concerts leading up to the opening. If you’re in the Phoenix area or an avid music lover, we suggest checking out the museum! You can find their website here.


If we can play a small but important part in your project, let us know. That would be music to our ears. Contact us here.


*Image courtesy of MIMphx